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Who Are The Top Real Estate Tech VCs? All Their Investments In One Infographic

Felicis, RRE, and MetaProp have emerged among the top real estate tech investors, as seen in our new analysis of VCs active in this hot category.

Real estate tech deal activity hit all time-highs in Q1’16 with 56 deals. With deal volume hitting record levels, we updated our recent analysis of the top investors in real estate tech, as well as the accompanying infographic.

Which firms are most active? Which VCs have emerged as active real estate tech investors?

As noted in other real estate tech posts, our real estate technology category encompasses all the software tools and platforms used by different participants in the real estate industry, including brokers, investors, real estate-focused lenders, commercial property owners and managers, as well as buyers. The category includes online real estate rental and buying guides, but excludes startups primarily focused on in-building services, e.g. office management.

500 Startups tops the list as the most active investor in real estate tech. Thrive Capital was the second-most active investor in real estate tech, with some notable investments, ranging from tech-enabled brokerages to mortgage tech software. New investors in the graphic include RRE Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and MetaProp.

Here are other takeaways from our analysis:

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