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Why weird internet genius Nicole He is bullish on voice technology

"Mystery Animal" is a game for Google Home. (Screenshot via YouTube)

“We’re in what I’m going to call The 1996 Web Design Era of voice technology,” said He. She’s behind a new game that toys with the creative side of Google Home.

We’re not even in the GeoCities era of voice technology yet, says Googletechnologist Nicole He.

He and cocreator Nick Jonas (no) just released a fun and open source game called Mystery Animal, which is a bit like 20 questions for the AI and can be played on Google Home. It seems like a cool game, but what’s most interesting, according to He, is the idea that voice technology and artificial intelligence can be used for weird, fun stuff rather than just efficiencies.

In Mystery Animal, the computer picks an animal and you ask it questions to guess what it is.

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