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6Degrees LTD

6Degrees - initiative and adaptive hands free controller for any smart device, enabling people with upper limb deficiency to reclaim their digital life


Founded: 2017
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


6Degrees has developed an adaptive, motion-based learning algorithm implemented within a hands-free controller that connects to all operating systems and simulates a finger on a touchscreen, joystick, or mouse. he algorithm learns and adapts to the user while taking into account changes in user motion, enabling a personalized experience and giving users the freedom to easily interact with technology throughout the day.



Miri Berger

Holds a BS from Bezalel Academy in pottery and glass design, and a MS in industrial design from Pratt Institute. Considers herself to be a "material junky", with broad knowledge and hands-on experience in an extensive variety of art media, manufacturing systems and industrial techniques. For the past ten years, Miri has worked with such companies as Dior and D.C.I. Marketing, and holds design patents on several creations.


Aryeh Katz

A disabled veteran, holds a BSc in Biology, with emphasis on Marine Life, from Ben Gurion University; and MS in Electrical Engineering from New York University - Polytech. While studying for his MS, directed the hardware prototyping lab at N.Y.U. Polytechnic institute, creating new and innovative devices while working closely with professors and students alike. Prior to academic studies, he had worked as a Euro - Dollar trader at G.H.F. Group.


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