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Akhenaten The Musical LLC

A new Broadway Bound Musical


Founded: 2014
Employees: 50
Quick Pitch:


The musical tells the story of the pharaoh AKHENATEN and of his wife NEFERTITI. It centers on how AKHENATEN challenged the almighty power of the priests of Ancient Egypt by imposing a single god over their many gods, creating the first monotheist religion ever. However, this historical move will unleash an epic struggle for power to restore the old gods and to replace AKHENATEN with his son TUTANKHAMUN as the leader of Egypt.


Hisham Abdel Khalek

Managing Partner

Olivier Delesse

Olivier Delesse is a French producer. Graduated from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Paris where he majored in finance. He participated in international film festivals as a jury member. He decided to open “So Freakantastik” a production and distribution company and New York production company “H and O Productions”

Co Producer - Investor

SAaD Bin Mohammed

SAaD Bin Mohammed is a Saudi award-winning writer and painter with an education in medicine & business administration. His work explores the depth of the soul as a post-contemporary artist: “I write & paint, just for the sake of ventilating, I do that for my own satisfaction, & whatever comes after is an add-on to it”. His literary corpus includes “Me!” (2003), “Me, once again!” (2006), “Once Said, And I replied” (2012), “Behind the I…!” (2013).

Co Producer

Divaa N'Kenge

Nkenge Inc has been producing a range of staged shows and corporate events for over 15 years. Established in New York City.


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