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AlexaPath LLC

Our mission is to optimize diagnostic procedures and prevail over disease around the world by developing and supplying smart phone tools for microscopes.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


We are the makers of the Auto Diagnosis Assistant, ADA, which is a small robot that sits on any standard light microscope's stage and allows for automatic or manual movement of glass specimen slides. ADA is used for acquiring mobile Whole Slide Images (mWSIs), which are digital images of glass microscope slides that can be shared via the image viewer on the Alexapath website to facilitate collaborative diagnosis between doctors around the world. Up to this point telepathology has been an expensive solution, however, with costs ranging from $20,000 to $230,000, it is unaffordable in most environments. mWSI is an ideal tool for solving this problem because it fits in to current workflows and addresses the global pathology shortage in terms of its efficiency. We believe that mobile slide scanning will pave the way to the future of telepathology. In contrast to the expensive slide scanners, ADA is a robotic tool that can be purchased for about $2000. At the heart of our product is mWSI or mobile whole slide imaging is our patented method of acquiring multiple images to obtain a single composite image of a biological specimen. Our system has three components 1 - Smartphone adapter Our patented adaptor connects any smartphone to any microscope’s eyepiece allowing for acquisition of images. 2- Smartphone app The mWSI app captures, stores and transports images to Alexapath’s database. Users can view images from any microscope in the world with the live stream feature. 3- ADA - Auto diagnosis assistant (robotic stage) Ada can turn any standard microscope into a digital whole slide scanner. This pocket sized robot can be controlled either manually, with the mWSI app, or over the internet via the Alexapath website. Together this system allows for the scanning of any slide at a fraction of the cost of other devices currently on the market.


Lead Electrical Engineer

Shishir Kumar Malav

A recent graduate of NYU's Tandon School (M.Sc - E.E.), Malav has worked tirelessly to complete the electrical component of the Alexapath Teleapathology System. A connected devices specialist, he has guided the development of each prototype since joining the team in 2015.

Founder / CEO

Lou Auguste

While working with USAID in Haiti, Auguste first learned of the pathology shortage affecting many rural areas around the world. Drawing on 10 years of experience as a professional cameraman and previous technical experience developing apps for Virgin Media, he created a low cost imaging system that used mobile optics to acquire data from glass slides.


Dhaval Palsana

A master's candidate from Tandon School (expected M.Sc - Mechatronics 2016), Palsana joined the company at the very start. He has been responsible for all mechanical prototypes of the robotic stage and built the teams original smart phone to microscope adaptor. As co-founder of Alexapath, he has already won the accolades of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, who awarded him with the Best Hardware Prototype of 2015 for the ADA stage.


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