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Google Docs meets Github for scientific research.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:

Overview is the collaborative platform to write, share, and discuss research. It was created in 2013 by a Harvard astrophysicist and a Berkeley physicist who met while working at CERN and were disappointed by the slow, inefficient, and obsolete ways by which research papers are written and disseminated. Described by many as a hybrid between Google Docs and Github for science, Authorea is a modern, web-native, Git-based environment where research findings are published, reviewed, and consumed openly. It is currently used by 70,000 researchers in the hard sciences and is rapidly growing in new research disciplines, in and outside of academia. There are roughly 20 million academics worldwide and 200 million college students that can benefit from Authorea's scholarly writing features such as one-click-citation and one-click-formatting. In addition to that, Authorea has the potential to be a solid collaborative solution for researchers outside of academia - pharmaceutical companies, biotech, government, and the industry - who write technical documents, internal reports, R&D papers. These institutions would benefit especially from Authorea's Git-based version control and the ability to create technical content in a white-labeled secure and private environment.



Nathan Jenkins

Ph.D. in Physics from University of Geneva. Postdoc at N.Y.U.


Alberto Pepe

Ph.D. from UCLA in Information Science. Postdoc from Harvard in Astrophysics.


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