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BarCard, Inc.

Find NYC's Best Happy Hours, Live Your Best Nightlife. We're the "Google" of Going-Out and the "Netflix" of Nightlife!


Founded: 2017
Employees: 15
Quick Pitch:


BarCard was established to be the leading online & mobile platform for “the going out entertainment experience” by creating a scalable two-sided network of venues and consumers. Through the BarCard mobile app, we operate a digital promotions marketplace and a real-time, hyper-local content platform for NYC's nightlife industry. BarCard’s value proposition is matching consumers looking to “go-out” with NYC’s vast amount of venues & promoters.


President & CEO

Michael Piccolo

Vice President & COO

Christopher Plumeri

Head of Design

Kevin Lanuk

Head of Engineering

Patrick Cooney

Finance & Accounting

Michael Stillitano


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