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Ben Vision Research, Inc.

Named after Benjamin Franklin, Ben Vision Research is devoted to empowering people by way of instruments that are both optic and electronic.


Founded: 1995
Employees: 8


Ben Vision Research is a company that works with a wide range of collaborators to help identify and serve unmet medical and ergonomic needs of consumers. Our initial product launches are for ophthalmologists and other busy eye care professionals, such as optometrists who manage ocular disease. Another audience includes the automobile, trucking, and transportation industries to help reduce the incidence of accidents. We aim to serve public health.


Director of Business Intelligence

Renata Tuttle

Renata is known for her compassionate approach to business intelligence. She has worked for prominent research establishments and her contribution to Ben Vision Research is substantial.

Director, Ocular Diagnostics

George Zikos

Dr Zikos has conducted contact lens tolerance research for prominent names and holds a masters degree in visual optics from the State University of New York. He is a close collaborator with the Founder-CEO of Ben Vision Research since its inception.


Karan Gregg Aggarwala

Dr. Karan "Gregg" Aggarwala is a scientist and entrepreneur and the founder-president of Ben Vision Research ( Ben Vision Research develops electro-optic instruments that relate to visual physiology for eye doctors. Dr. Aggarwala collaborates in this venture with clinicians, scientists, engineers, and also to consumer-healthy and public health professionals. He is a published thought leader on visual physiology research and has con

Karan "Gregg" Aggarwala, PhD, FAAO


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