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Berry Smart Smoothies

We hope to provide a product to students that will be enjoyable, health benefits to aid them in their studies, and a work-study experience.


Founded: 2017


We provide a healthy smoothie made with all natural ingredients designed and proven to improve focus, energy and brain capacity throughout the day. By placing our shops on college campuses, students will have the means to increase their focus in the classroom and, in turn, do better in class. This product is not our company's only educational outlet. We also off a work-study opportunity to students who choose to run the stand for class credit.


Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Charles Cavanaugh

Will be attending Boston College in Fall 2013

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Marie Ciurleo

Will be attending Molloy College in Fall 2013

Chief Financial Officer

John Anthony Fardellone

Will be attending St. John's University in Fall 2013

Chief Marketing Officer

Jamie Elizabeth Gelberg

Will be attending Syracuse University in Fall 2013

Alexander Cavanaugh


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