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Best Bite

Eating out? Restaurant search on Yelp! Check Groupon for a deal. OpenTable to reserve. Best Bite covers all that on one plate, plus more!


Founded: 2013
Employees: 0


Best Bite (BB) is a full web service that brings together social foodies, chefs & restaurateurs for a time of interaction, information & most notably, food. BB is social networking & public information platform for foodies to connect, search & review restaurants, & reserve seats to attend an all inclusive BB event. With many sites servicing the food industry, BB provides convenience to diners & ROI’s for our clients which others haven’t perfected



Azim Majid

A young energetic individual with a love for food and hard work. From Harrisburg, PA looking to make it in this ever changing world. I am self motivated and ambitious professional with a strong knowledge of many business aspects. I am a pragmatic learner whose driven entrepreneurial spirit is growing a brand and focusing on results, account development, and most importantly, being a team player.


Jabber Al-Bihani

A strong minded individual who is aspiring to build a business empire through his ideas. Entrepreneurial as a young teen, Jabber has always found a way help others and at the same time make money doing it. A college graduate with his B.S. and M.S. in civil & environmental engineering, Jabber is a very diverse character with a strong business, science and interpersonal background to promote his ability to bring his innovative thinking to life.

Jabber Al-Bihani, Jr., E.I.T.


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