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The first true peer-to-peer social network.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Blinq is built on a platform that seamlessly connects devices. It’s a peer-to-peer social network that gives users the power to share effortlessly by always having their entire photo library at their fingertips.


Chairman (founder)

Hal Denton

Hal Denton is managing partner of Denton Tavares Paes, a law firm that specializes in serving the non-profit community and Brazilian businesses operating in the US. He has 25+ years experience as a lawyer, including 20+ years in senior management as General Counsel with AFS Intercultural Programs, the preeminent student exchange organization in the world. Hal has advised numerous non-profits, tech companies, and international businesses.

President (founder)

Ross Pirtle

Ross Pirtle developed the premier the train dispatch system running freight and commuter trains throughout the US, and in Canada and Australia, including the Grand Central Terminal in New York. Ross is the owner and CEO of Railware, a software company that has served the railroad industry for almost 15 years and has been developing software since he was eleven. He brings extensive business and software development experience to Blinq.

Chief Technology Officer (founder)

Tom DiEmidio

Tom, also an owner of Railware, worked in the US Air Force as a communications specialist before working for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority at Grand Central Terminal, and then forming Railware with Ross. Tom brings decades of experience in network communications and programming to the Company.

Creative Director

Will Denton

Will is co-founder of US Studio, a full service creative agency based in Brooklyn with an emphasis on branding, web and interactive design. He previously worked for Booz Allen in the Republic of Georgia on the Cooperative Threat Reduction program. Will has been a magazine editor, writer, and director of a short film series on American History, had his own shown on NBC and has been in many films and network shows, including NBC's the Blacklist.


Ron Pettengill

Ron has been an entrepreneur since 1995 when he started his first company, Predictive Systems. Predictive grew from 5 employees to over a thousand worldwide in 5 years. The company went public in 1999. Ron was also involved with Riversoft that went public on the LSE in 2000. He has also started 2 other companies and recently has been involved with a startup in industrial water remediation. He started his career at Bear Stearns.


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