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Bluum Inc.

Bluum: Product discovery for Parents. Consumer analytics for Brands.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 9
Quick Pitch:


bluum is the leading discovery service for moms featuring high-end mom & baby sample and full-size products. With its customized approach bluum helps moms find the right products for their kids - at the right time & matched to their needs and kids' developmental stages. Brands benefit from bluum's targeted sample placements and consumer analytics



Markus W. Rauschnabel

Serial entrepreneur with 15 years of Internet business & start-up experience. As part of Executive team & MD USA IPO with Netlife AG (eBanking software tools) in 1999, start-up experience with stagebuilder (SaaS platform - sold 2001), efurnity (vertical search engine) & stylefactory (crowdsourced design platform), Masters Degree in Business Administration (Cologne) and Doctorate in Social Studies (Goettingen)


Sebastian Reichelt

Having lived in New York for 6 years, Sebastian is co-founder and COO/CTO/CMO at bluum. Sebastian went to school for Systems Engineering in Germany and ETH Zurich in Switzerland, MIT's famous partner school, where he discovered his true passion: Building and growing new businesses. Sebastian holds a Master of Science degree from Chemnitz University of Technology and ETH Zurich, where he did research in information sciences.

Markus Rauschnabel


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