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The Bureau

The Bureau (formerly RODAWG) is the premiere crafter of sophisticated cannabis essentials, with a focus on quality, design, and safety.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 2


The Bureau seeks to address the shortcomings in marijuana packaging and remove the stigmas often associated with the cannabis culture. The Company is building a packaging division that offers marijuana dispensaries a range of professional packaging solutions more consistent with that of high-end spirits, as well as a consumer suite of products consisting of stylish and functional products for a sophisticated, and under-served demographic.



Joshua Matthew Gordon

Josh, CEO and founder, is the bain behind RODAWG. As an ambitious entrepreneur, Josh founded the company in 2011 following conducting an industry research project on Medical Marijuanas in America while attending Fordham University’s Gradute School of Business. Josh is well rounded in all aspects of business, providing the spirit and passion essential to develop and expand the company.

Lead Designer & Technical Coordinator

Lionel Ash

Lionel has been with RODAWG since its inception, and was responsible for developing the introductory product-lines. Lionel has years of expertise in design & development of online and print media, with specialties in content management, graphic design, package design, web design, and illustration. Lionel will continue on with the company as lead graphic designer and technical coordinator.


Larry Gordon

Larry spent 25+ years working as Senior Vice President and Sales Manager at Citigroup’s Smith Barney. Larry, will be overseeing spearheading sales, finances & logistics for both business divisions. His vast experience and advanced education will be a great asset to our company. Larry has a B.S. from Columbia University and an MBA from Hofstra.

Lead Technology Consultant

Travis Fischer

As the lead engineer of Stamped, a Yahoo acquired startup backed by Bain Capital and Google Ventures; Travis brings immense experience to RODAWG as technical consultant.

VP of Product & Industrial Designer

Jasper Wheeler

A highly technical New York based Industrial Designer with 8 years of experience ranging from Furniture and Housewares products to packaging, Jasper brings an impressive portfolio towing a slew of brand name product lines and patents that have achieved high levels of success in the mass consumer market.

Production and Sourcing

Oliver Albers

Strategic sourcing partner and is a long-standing expert on retail packaging design fabrication and manufacturing. Luft provides RODAWG expertise from years of experience in bringing home-use, child safety, food storage and cosmetic products to global markets.

Mechanical Engineer

William Drinkwater

Product design, Innovation, quality management, prototyping, finite element analysis, product management, flexibility and multi-tasking, team building and collaboration, tinkering.


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