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Reward Volunteers is a mobile cause marketing platform that encourages volunteerism and helps brands support positive causes.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Reward Volunteers (RV) is a mobile/web platform for volunteers to track and share their service. The more participation, the more chances to win cash and prizes, both for volunteers and the organizations they serve. RV supports/thanks volunteers with recognition and tangible rewards, making volunteering fun and social. Sponsors incentivize volunteerism while accessing an engaged customer base, and directly linking their brands to good causes.


Founder and CEO

Nilima Abrams

M.A. from Stanford, volunteer and social entrepreneur. Fulbright scholar. Created summer camp for Somali refugees, “Big Sister”, filmmaker for Indian orphanages, guerrilla fundraising lead for MSF and STAND.

Co-founder and Vice President

Roger Goldberg

Psychology and graphic design background from Brandeis, Parsons and the New School for Social Research. Polyglot and world traveller. Counselled torture victims in Berlin with support from a German federal grant.


Keith Hanson

15 years of software dev experience. Speaks RoR, Javascript, server admin, and eats microchips for breakfast.


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