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Chatalog enables fun, easy and private collaboration for close friends or family when making important purchase decisions online.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Chatalog makes it fun and easy for close friends and family to collaborate around important shopping decisions online....meaningful purchases that call for collaboration within a close knit group of people. Shoppers currently do this today in a very disjointed, not visual or fun way. At the same time, it's a lost opportunity for retailers because they have little insight into this collaborative phase of the consumer purchase decision.


Co-founder, CEO

Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez leads strategic product initiatives and overall business and financial operations for Chatalog. Previously, Alex was a VP of Product and Marketing at Gerson Lehrman Group developing new online product initiatives. A serial entrepreneur, Alex began as a co-founder of an internet retailer, after graduating from college. grew to over $20M+ in revenue in less than 3 years. After taking a few years to pla

Co-founder, Head of Technology

Tito Villalobos

Tito is responsible for Chatalog’s overall product architecture and technology direction. Tito began programming for fun in middle-school. By the age of 17, Tito was working professionally for eclink, a small web and database development company. He then moved on to Further Innovations, as an architect of the company's monitoring software. Tito’s experience has ranged from working with major financial firms like JP Morgan Chase, Nationwide I

Co-founder, Head of Marketing and Engagement

Natalie Gonzalez

Natalie is responsible for overall customer acquisition and engagement for Chatalog. Natalie started her career as an entrepreneur when she started a recruiting firm that focused on sales, advertising and service positions with clients nationwide. In late 2010, Natalie and her husband (co-founder Alex Gonzalez) got an opportunity to relocate to NYC. Realizing the difficulty of keeping her family and friends on the west coast routinely invo


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