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Cryptpic is an app which allows you to encrypt your photographs with hidden secrets (text messages, photos, videos, audio) then control who can decrypt them.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


At our core we encrypt digital payloads and allow the customer to control (A) what is inside the payload (B) how the payload is distributed (C) who can unlock it. Product (1) is a consumer facing, fun, mobile app (yearly subscription). Product (2) is an API driven enterprise solution (usage charges). Our mobile app was released in Jan 2016 and is beating all projections, we are currently building the next versions to address consumer feedback.



Damian Carte

After winning the art prize at school, a degree in Graphic Design and 10 years in an Ad agency Damian formed his own brand consulting business. His first technology startup youVerify (later solved the problem of fakes being sold on Ebay. Damian and Jason met in 2015 and co-founded to solve the problem of online privacy. Damian’s skills include marketing, design, brand strategy, UI/UX, business running and surfing.


Jason Sheldon

Jason developed a passion for pure coding at a very young age. He wrote and sold his first program at 6 years old and went on to start university at 16. Jason has 23 years experience as a full stack developer (web, mobile, machine to machine) and solutions architect for early stage startups to listed companies. Skills include: C, C++, java, perl, php, android, python, ruby, html, css, sql, shell script… to mention a few.


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