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A smart content recommendation engine–optimizing travel consumption and distribution with real time content and support personalization.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Dipp is a smart content recommendation engine – Optimizing travel consumption and distribution
, with personalized content and support for
 maximum audience reach, user engagement
and sales conversions. With machine learning and social media integration, we identify patterns by reverse-engineering travelers’ online exploration and interests to predict travel intentions with continuous engagement.



Jennifer Chen

Founder of dipp, Taiwanese-American entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience across USA, Turkey and Asia in design, product development, business management.

Chief Technology Officer

Christine Chan

Coming from the digital content field, Christine is highly proficient in the current analytics products used in digital marketing. She previously worked as a data analyst in the Business Intelligence team of COMPLEX Media, specializing in capturing industry-relevant data and interpret business objectives into quantitative or qualitative measurement.


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