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Founded: 2014
Employees: 0
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Every year, the average email-user accumulates 5,000 email attachments & spends 180 hours on attachment-management. Dittach solves that problem with a fully-integrated Gmail plugin that elegantly & unobtrusively arrays all attachments in one browsable, searchable, configurable feed — in a sidebar in your inbox. After locating an attachment in your Dittach feed, you can manage it within our software; download, forward or print it, or view the original email to which it was attached. For more info, please visit us online at


Founder and CEO

Daniel Gelernter

Previously founder and CEO of Lifestreams, has ten years of experience in startups and software; also a UI/UX engineer.

Founder, Head Developer and CTO

Adam Stern

Former CTO of iNDELIBLE and Creative Group, architected scalable software systems and distributed applications for global brands, including MAC cosmetics, AXA and AOL.


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