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Does That Make Sense is like eBay for college tutoring. It launched in September 2011, and is gaining momentum organically w/no CapEx need.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 3


Have a book and can’t find book notes? An exam and don’t know where to start? One of our Nerds will read your book, study for your exam, and teach you what you need to know. Students click the “Ask a Nerd” button on the site, and subject matter experts (Nerds) bid on the student’s request in real time. The website is aided by our patent pending dynamic reverse auction platform which allows Nerds to compete to help the student’s in real time.



Jonathan Kestenbaum

Jonathan is currently the co-founder and President of Does That Make Sense,, as well as Prior to launching each of these platforms, Jon co-created Eureka Equities, a consulting firm that provides early stage/venture companies with legal and website/IT advisory services. On the side Jonathan manages Right Fit Reading, a publishing company that focuses on getting the right books to every reader.


Kamran Barelli

As the Managing Partner of Swiss Commerce, Kamran served as a consultant for improving client's business processes and supporting critical business strategies by managing the development, implementation, and maintenance of web based business applications for Fortune 100 companies. Prior to Swiss Commerce, he worked as a financial analyst at the ABN Ambro Bank.

Michael Negari


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