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Enotch Academics

Enotch Academics enables educational institutions to convert their evaluation processes to electronic format for reappointment, promotions or tenure.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Enotch Academics enables institutions of higher learning to measure faculty performance.​ The evaluation requirement is natively a paper driven multi-step process which is time consuming, costly and time sensitive. Through our subscription based SaaS platform, institutions can recreate their evaluation processes online including all of the required forms and input steps from stakeholders for meeting the annual assessment requirement.


Founder & CEO

Ervin Gayle

Mr. Gayle has over 20 years in enterprise IT and has worked for Avanade and Pfizer leading collaboration projects and enterprise strategy. Mr. Gayle leads Enotch Academics and is responsible for technology vision and development.

Chief Academic Officer

Dr Gale Gibson

Dr Gibson has over 23 years in Higher Education and has held roles such as Adjunct Professor, Full Professor, Dean, Senior Vice President/Chief Academic Officer and was most recently a college president. Dr. Gibson is responsible for the academic strategy and execution of focus of our products for the Higher Education and K-12 markets.


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