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Exeq is a platform for consumers and businesses, helping consumers spend better, and connecting the disconnected world of retail.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 9
Quick Pitch:


Current Traction: Capped Beta at 10k users in NYC only. 11M transactions. $1.74B in Spending Data Analyzed. Exeq is building the platform to directly connect consumers and merchants. Consumers use our app to monitor their spending, track their budget, see their spending by category, and connect with their top merchants. Merchants use our tooling to connect with consumers, track their competitors, and examine trends within their own data.



Derek Brown

Prior to Exeq, Derek was VP of Product and Development at Addepar where he led 65+ people and worked with the executive team to ensure that Addepar's product and business strategies were aligned While at LinkedIn, Derek led a team of developers tasked with building, sustaining, and advancing the Recruiter product (2B+ in Revenue) at LinkedIn, which is an industry-leading tool for recruitment professionals.

Product & Design

Samantha Clark

Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and done work for a variety of brands millennials love, Samantha is a multidisciplinary and iteration oriented product designer and brand builder.

Sales and Marketing

Isaac J. Kassin

Isaac J. Kassin is a Co-Founder at Exeq largely responsible for fundraising, investor relations, merchant acquisition, partnerships, and the Exeq Brand Ambassador program. Prior to Exeq, Isaac attended NYU Stern, where he studied Finance and Marketing.


Tomer Ben-David

Having started working on Exeq during his time at NYU Gallatin, Tomer is obsessed with brands that start movements and the products that drive them. Tomer is responsible for Digital Marketing at Exeq with a specific emphasis on user acquisition.


Alex Rahmani

At Exeq, Alex is instrumental in the development of Exeq for Businesses. Prior to Exeq, Alex worked at Oracle where he developed client research reports and sales presentations. Alex also ensures that all the fun stuff like Taxes, Payroll, and Legal are handled.


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