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The Experience Ticket, Inc.

We let families enjoy theme parks, zoos and other attractions with mobile ticketing, reserved times for rides, GPS navigation and much more.


Founded: 2005
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


The Experience Ticket, Inc. offers attractions and venues premium services that truly enhance the visit of guests in the digital age. Our on-the-go ticketing, ride reservation system, GPS-based routing algorithms make for a no-line, no-stress and hassle-free experience that acts as a platform for value-added features like educational apps, augmented reality functions and rewards programs. Venues get additional revenue and solid visitor data.



Peter Roedbro

An inventor and business developer as well as the founder of Entertainment Booking Concepts, Peter hates lines. His software eliminates queues. He lives in Copenhagen and is currently focused on European attractions and parks.


Badrul Husain

Badrul works to realize goals and passions with innovative technologies. With Odysseus Mobile he made the visitor experience better at zoos and aquariums with mobile technologies. He lives in New York City with a focus on North American venues.


Christopher Furtado

Chris is a technologist who directs software teams and is not afraid to dive into the code to make sure things are working. Co-founder of Odysseus Mobile, Chris revels in technology, its rapid pace and it tremendous impact on society.


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