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Forkyoo, Inc.

Forkyoo is an online marketplace that delivers chef-prepped meal kits directly from the best local restaurants.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


We partner with the best local restaurants, bundle their quality ingredients & trusted recipes into meal kits, so that home chefs can easily cook like them at home. Restaurants get a new revenue source that maximizes sales volume, & delivers higher margins, and home chefs get to easily cook their favorite local restaurant dishes in the comfort of their home kitchen.


Founder & CEO

Nick Myers

20+ Years NY Restaurant Insider. Former Securities/Commodities Broker. Owner of Metoac Forage (Wild Food Purveyor). Co-founder of ex-Ladenburg Thalmann.

Co-founder & COO

Kristin Armbrecht

Kristin Armbrecht. Former Executive Assistant 12+ years’ experience (supervising 5-10 people depending on company). Former Scientific Administrator CSH Labs. Co-Founder Co-owner Metoac Forage

Front-End Engineer

Veronica Carillo-Marquez

MIT. F1V.CO. Telenium. Undergraf. Web Development, PHP, MySQL, Graphic Design, Flash, Actionscript, JQuery, Graphic Design, CSS.

Back-End Engineer

Fabio Elia

U Mass (Boston). F1V.CO. Ruby on Rails, PHP/MYSQL, XHTML/CSS, JAVA, C, C++, LISP, REDIS, JavaScript, PERL, Backbone, NodeJS, Postgres Expertise: RAD development, Linux systems, Cyber security


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