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First Access

First Access reliably predicts risk for consumers who have never had a bank account or credit score, using prepaid mobile data.

SanTech Global Corp.

SanTech Global Corp. offers mobile ordering and payment solutions for offline stores, using NFC technology.

Curvi Inc.

Your shower will feel huge with the SPACE™ Liner


Coupon platform for businesses to easily distribute targeted, unique offers for online & in-store use (w/ iBeacon), and for consumers to browse & redeem easily.


Candidate Engagement Platform - Save for later, apply when ready.

M&S Biotics, LLC

M&S Biotics leverages proprietary RFID technology and Artificial Intelligence to create more efficient, effective, and safer surgical procedures.

Damon Vickers

Damon Vickers is the author of New York Times Bestseller, " The Day After The Dollar Crashes".


KHIRY challenges the Eurocentricity of luxury fashion with bold, expressive vermeil jewelry inspired by the art, culture, and heritage of the African Diaspora.


Blockchain enabled marketplace for creators and consumers of financial data and investment ideas to monetize from each other.


Lessonbee is the first school-based digital learning platform and marketplace for comprehensive health and sex education.


A smart content recommendation engine–optimizing travel consumption and distribution with real time content and support personalization.

TrySome Inc

85% of all organic CPG* products FAIL within the first 2 years, TrySome is reshaping the way market research is done for organic CPG companies.

NavaFit Inc.

NavaFit is a mobile app and software that helps individuals find people and activities that can help them meet their wellness goals.

Ralph Ciaio Dentist

Ralph Ciaio earned his DDS from NYU college of Dentistry in 2002. Dr. Patel is an active member of New York State Dental Association.


cieCap lets users create, select and play engaging social games to earn rewards and discounts for their favorite brands and businesses

Givkwik, Inc

We help companies give - with turnkey software and services for cause marketing and community engagement to engage employees and customers in philanthropy.

Indy Talk Shop

Indy Talk Shop is a creative educational company focusing on the interaction between child and parent.