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Gaumande will be the first ever tech restaurant. We aim to infuse the classic dining experience with futurisitic technology.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


We aim to infuse futuristic technology into the classic dining experience from the: In house entertainment (hologram entertainment), food ordering system, kitchen system, screened tables, electronic bookings and facial recognition system which captures information of the customer & previous purchases:favourite meals, drinks,etc to give a more personal service.



Tracy Rose Kpemou

I am an Business Economics Bsc graduate, educated and experienced individual who has experience in the technology & leisure sectors. My Range of experience touches on technology, retail, hospitality & social media. I am highly passionate about innovative technologies & project management. You can see an example of my latest work here:


Ivor Smorenburg Aguado

Experienced Android developer who has now worked on several projects such as Ringo cashless payment systems. currently on Google play, with 1,000,000 downloads ( and also most notably on an interative info App for the British museum in which users use their camera to identify artefacts & recieve audio information (on behalf of WeClick media)


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