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GlobalMusicDrama Ltd, Manon in Manhattan LLC and GameCh.Inc

Producing licenced musical, Manon -A New Musical, in Broadway and around globe. Big data access services changing the entertainment revenue models first in USA.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


Publishing & Licencing & Producing commercial musicals in Broadway and from there worldwide. Also other licencing, movies, games plus all commercialization. Companies existing in Helsinki and New York.


Founder, owner

Timo Luotonen

Produced in Off-Broadway 2 concert readings in 2018, qualified member of the Off-Broadway League. A formal member of the World class Broadway producer Ken Davenport's Inner Circle in 2018-1019, Commercial music producing for TV and movies and radio in the 90's with international brands. Developing and raised funds for international music school for a long period. Sponsoring many musical events and helping companies to sell more organic products.


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