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Guided Minds

Guided Minds is a judgment-free social media platform for people to share their experiences of victory over hardships.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


Our revenue model consists of a 4-tiered approach relying on building a solid foundational community user base before generating revenue through selling sponsorships, targeted ads, and premium features. Please refer to our executive summary for a more comprehensive and through summary.


Ron Cardillo


Stefan Pietrobono

Stefan is a creative, inspiration, and leader to many within his community. Stefan has discovered his purpose in life early in life being faced with a cancer diagnosis. A tough and challenging battle for his life allowed Stefan to turn a negative experience into a positive and inspiring message that ultimately put him on a path towards a truly meaningful life. Stefan is also the Founder & CEO of Millennial Marketing Agency, based out of Toronto


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