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Guided Minds

Guided Minds is a judgment-free social media platform for people to help one another navigate life's hardships.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 8
Quick Pitch:


Guided Minds is a user-driven online support group and safe space currently available for iOS. Users can seek support or contribute stories of motivation, guidance, or inspiration related to user-defined topics. The system also offers access to support from real world specialists and healthcare providers. After establishing a consistent user base, revenue will be generated based on selling sponsorships, targeted ads, and premium features.


Co-Founder & CEO

Ron Cardillo

An entrepreneur at heart, Ron has over 2 decades of business experience building several successful companies. In his most recent venture, he grew a family beauty business to 7 million USD in annual sales. The idea for Guided Minds came to him during meditation in 2017, and he has since targeted all of his efforts into creating a digital tool to unite and empower those experiencing adversity.

Co-Founder & COO

Greg Fronda

Greg's professional experience started with founding a security consulting company driving business development. Followed by running a small sales team at a leading logistics firm, and driving business for a major NYC luxury magazine. All of which helped deepened his knowledge of business development, sales, client retention, and most importantly charitable partnerships.

Director of Marketing

Lauren Wickel

Lauren got her start with PwC as an IT Security consultant within the financial services realm. After many years protecting your personal information, she switched gears to focus on helping startups find their voice online through grassroots marketing campaigns. As a volunteer for a crisis prevention hotline, providing a safe space for people online with Guided Minds is a project close to her heart.

Product Manager

Ian Price

Ian has worked with Fortune 100 executives, former White House officials, and some of the leading names in American philanthropy. In his free time, he works to bring medical supplies into Syria and also runs his own modest nonprofit dealing with warzone PTSD. It is this drive to help people that attracted him to Guided Minds, where he works to spread the message of its potential positive impact.

Research and Marketing Analyst

Doron A

Doron provides research and marketing materials for a New York City-based nonprofit that seeks to bridge the gap between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East through dialogue and a shared vision of a peaceful future. He was drawn to Guided Minds because of his passion for breaking down barriers and facilitating communications between people, regardless of their differences.

Product Design Lead

Cullen Lea

Cullen has written for several American publications and worked with Nasdaq, Babbel, Trusted Media Brands, Mahindra and tZERO as a communications professional. Now, Cullen helps to translate the driving philosophy of Guided Minds into the design and content of the app. He believes Guided Minds’ blend of social media and technology is a necessary step for the betterment of mental health around the world.


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