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Hearty Start

We bring breakfast sandwiches to the homeless. We partner with locally owned delis to make our sandwiches and hire recovering homeless persons to deliver them.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


Hearty Start takes an innovative and interactive approach to bringing breakfast sandwiches to homeless and hungry New Yorkers. There are three important pillars of our organization. First, we engage donors with a recurring donation platform that that allows our patrons to choose the type of breakfast sandwich they would like to donate, and how often they would like to donate it. Second, we've partnered with locally owned delis in NYC to produce the donated sandwiches fresh each morning. Finally, we employ recovering homeless individuals in need of a fresh start to distribute our sandwiches to those who need it most in the community. With almost 60,000 homeless New Yorkers and climbing, our goal is to build a wide, efficient, caring network to reach, feed and ultimately help the thousands of unsheltered homeless people living on the streets each night and day. We believe that breakfast is love and we're here to share it with those who need it most!


President and Founder

Teddy Fitzgibbons

Program Director, Distributions and Finance

Konig Chen

Program Manager, Operations and Fundraising

Josh Gelinas


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