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Indy Talk Shop

Indy Talk Shop is a creative educational company focusing on the interaction between child and parent.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Indy Talk Shop is a creative educational company focused on interactive play. Our vision is to enhance and facilitate rewarding educational interactions. Initially, we will focus on parents and their youngest kids (ages 0-3) through functional re-designs of classic toys and expand from there to offer products, such as an app, workshops and podcast series, all focused on interactive play. Indy Talk Shop reassures parents they are gaining a valuable educational experience because our products are designed by experts and endorsed by pediatricians. We provide valuable solutions when choosing what to do in the little time parents have during such a critical learning stage in the lives of their youngest kids. Objectives: 1. Offers a meaningful solution for parents to engage their kids in little time. 2. Re-envisions interactive play via PlayBooks (book-in-toy concept), Social Stories and the Indy app. 3. Provides an easy guide for parents to become experts in early development. 4. Adds credibility to products via expert feedback and endorsements. 5. Designs a self-contained toy for easy transport and organization. 6. Builds a wholesome brand that is interactive, educational and entertaining. We plan to sell our first products, Playbox Sets, through our current monthly parent workshops called Table Talks and our online marketplace on while expanding to popular sites visited by parents, such as At the same time, we will launch educational resources via our social media channels, such as our Indy YouTube Kids channel, to maintain customers engaged and build brand equity.



Frida Matute


Alex Adarichev


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