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InvestAcure, PBC

An automated spare change investment platform to help us cure Alzheimer's by investing in companies developing scientific discoveries into new therapeutics.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 11
Quick Pitch:


InvestAcure is a finance company building an investment platform to enable individuals who share a ‘Common Need’ to see progress in developing a cure for Alzheimer’s, to automatically round up purchases & invest the change in a portfolio of companies working on effective treatments. Our 3-year plan is to reach 1.7+ million users, investing $1 billion per annum to develop scientific innovations from basic research into lifesaving therapeutics.



Max Tokarsky

Social entrepreneur who built RAJE, a large educational non-profit and had the idea for InvestAcure when his daughter was battling cancer.


Lawrence Pine

Worked with Max as the COO of RAJE and joined him in co-founding the new company. MBA & IT background.

Co-Founder & Chairman

David Weild

31 years Wall Street investment banking and equity capital markets leadership, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Weild & Co., Former Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ, known as "The father of the JOBS Act", served as President & Head of Corporate Finance at Prudential.

Chief Investment Officer

Ken Abramowitz

NGN Capital, Co-founder & Managing General Partner, voted top pharmaceutical analyst by Institutional Investor Magazine, Wall Street Analyst Hall of Fame, MBA, Harvard Business School.

EVP of Development, InvestAcure Foundation

Chanan Kaufman

Experienced nonprofit & social impact executive, Founder of Nextdor, a social impact startup accelerator & Bizrael, a leading nonprofit connecting US & Israeli pharmaceutical & tech startups.

Chief Experience Officer -Head of UI/UX Design

Yu-Kai Chou

15 years Gamification and UI/UX design leadership for world's leading brands, including Google, LEGO, eBay, Huawei, and Volkswagen/Porsche.


Yuri Yushkov

25 years leading software development teams in building Core Banking, Wealth Management, Electronic Payments and Money Transfer platforms, worked with IBM & Microsoft in creating financial service & credit card processing systems for emerging markets.

Director of Corporate Communications & Events

Grace Mutavu

5 years communications & development, Communication Officer @ Smith & Lewis Global, BA Political Science & Government Smith College

Scientific Advisor

Dr. George Perry

Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Alzheimer's, Dean UT-San Antonio, one of the top most-cited scientists in Neuroscience.

Scientific Advisor

Pierre Tariot

Director of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute. Over 350 scientific papers, including several leading to FDA approval of treatments for Alzheimer's.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Hugo Geerts

CSO of In Silico Biosciences, headed Johnson & Johnson Alzheimer’s research and developed one of only 5 approved Alzheimer’s drugs.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Adeboye Adejare

NIH and Alzheimer’s Association national panels. Over 50 publications, 5 patents, and more than 100 presentations at conferences.

Scientific Advisor

Lon Schneider

Director of USC State of California Alzheimer’s Disease Center and the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Editor-in-chief of Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions.

Scientific Advisor

Douglas Macneil

A leading expert in early-stage drug discovery directed Exploratory & Translational Sciences at Merck, scientific board of Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation, 144 research publications.

Scientific Advisor

Thomas Vaughan

Columbia University – Director of MR Research – 45 patents – pioneer in development of MRI technology for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Scientific Advisor

Paul Newhouse

Director at Center for Cognitive Medicine, Vanderbilt University. Lead consultant to pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies in the US and abroad on central nervous system drug development, clinical trial design for dementia & depression, & clinical nicotinic pharmacology.


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