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It'sByU is the do-it-yourself flower kit company. We give you everything you need: the farm-fresh flowers, tools, containers, and a streaming video lesson.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


It'sByU is the do-it-yourself (DIY) flower kit company bringing the field to vase flower movement to American homes via home decor subscriptions. We provide our customers with farm-fresh flowers, tools, containers, and streaming video lessons so that they can successfully create their own flower arrangements at half the price of what a florist would charge. We are disrupting and growing the $18BN flower industry. We are also eliminating flower waste by curating and offering seasonal flowers. Only 60% of flowers that are grown are eventually sold to the end customer because flowers that are not in bloom by certain holidays or order dates are left uncut and turned back into the dirt at farm-level. By curating seasonal flowers in our subscriptions, we are creating a demand for flowers that normally go unsold. We started our company by selling wedding and one-off designs and now are rapidly moving into home-decor subscriptions because of the demand for the product. ** We are relaunching our site on the first week of September with a focus on DIY home decor subscription. We can share with you what that site will look like, including choosing a "look" and then frequency of seasonal flower refills. This September, our "Made It Myself" Wreath Kits will be launching on a Target Decorative Home endcap. Our founders are sisters, Christine and Caroline Strzalka. They are graduates of the Techstars + Target 2016 retail accelerator. Christine is a floral designer and seven-time winner of the Philadelphia Flower Show which is the largest indoor flower show in the world. She also has a masters degree in broadcast journalism and is a marketing communications specialist. Caroline is a Wharton MBA and a media executive who has built digital businesses for media companies such as Sesame Street and Scholastic. She is also a former investment banker. Our customers are predominantly female and span age ranges, from millennials through baby boomers. It'sByU is a fantastic product and experience.


Caroline Strzalka


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