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A global online community for Jewish Learning


Founded: 2019
Employees: 0
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JVerse is a global online community for Jewish learning offering lifelong learning and career education to worldwide learners and on campus students,bringing the best in open, flexible course offerings from leading universities and teaching institutions worldwide. It aims to become the preferred provider of online Jewish formal and informal education, offering continuous innovation in emerging educational technologies.



Maria O'Donovan

I have a background in online learning as a designer of online courses for higher educational institutes. I am presently working in the role of Research Assistant at Aarhus University Research Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media Research My work revolves around researching and writing about emerging digital technologies and instructional strategies that support new modes of teaching and learning for higher educational institutes.


Lauren Hobler-Tregerman

Lauren is our expert in Jewish learning. She is currently a law student at Hofstra University's Maurice A. Deane School of Law with hopes of pursuing a career in International Law. Her professional roots began studying ethics, philosophy, cultural studies and theology. She has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and European Cultural Studies and a master’s degree from Boston University School of Theology in theological ethics


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