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A purpose driven event engine to help stimulate positive social behavior through social consciousness, music and education.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


Karmakhameleon is a purpose driven event engine, combining live music with a theme of social consciousness and self-wellness. We are seasoned live music industry professionals and socially conscious individuals, fiscally sponsored by a nonprofit, seeking equity investor, grant and donor funding. Our mission is to stimulate a cultural shift in humankind, cultivating positive social behavior through social consciousness, music and education.


Founder and Producer

Renee Portoff

Renee has over twenty-five years experience in advertising and marketing including close to 15 years as a concert promoter handling daily marketing and project management for Live Nation. Having promoted countless live events successfully, for many of the world’s most well-known performers at festival, stadium, arena, amphitheater, theater and club events, Renee is the visionary behind Karmakhameleon music & lifestyle events for positive change.

Co-Festival Director: Finance Director, Operations, Logistics and Permitting

Jennifer Douglas

Jen specializes in project management, large events and music festivals including The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival and Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, clubs, theaters, arenas, multi-day festivals and New York City special events. With full scale event production experience, Jen has held positions of Vice President Finance, Southeast region and Director of Accounting, Northeast region during her 15 year tenure at Live Nation.

Co-Festival Director: Campground Director, Operations, Logistics and Permitting

Jackie Eaton

Jackie has been producing music festivals at an executive level since 1999 and in 2004 founded the event production company, Duganworks mastering the art of smooth operations within budget and the reduction of risks to the promoter, location, and host community. Jackie's expertise spans in location, operations, artist relations, sponsorship, public safety, concessions, ticketing, and overall compliance and project management.

Social Consciousness Director, Business Development

Kathleen Larsen

Kathleen has a unique background in business, marketing, consumer market research and most recently, learning and teaching the unfolding of spiritual growth of individuals. Her business background is focused on branding, advertising and consumer insights, with twenty plus years’ experience, including working at the largest advertising agencies, supporting the world’s favorite brands, as well as launching new brands into the marketplace.

Social Media Manager

Ariel Bornstein

Ariel is a New York based writer and poet whose deep affinity for live music and positive expression have shaped her identity from a young age. Ariel’s artistic sensibilities have contributed to the project’s inspirational aesthetic, while working to build a social media presence. Her lifelong immersion in the eclectic world of live music and festival culture has made her a valuable addition to this highly motivated Karmakhameleon team.


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