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Lately Series Seed II

Lately is the first, self-service SaaS platform for comprehensive marketing management.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 13
Quick Pitch:


Lately is the first, self-service SaaS platform for complete marketing how-to, so marketers can collaboratively plan, execute and analyze all their marketing from one, central dashboard. Each year, marketers waste $83 Billion trying to organize their teams, fundamental marketing processes common to every business regardless of industry or size, and the mess of disparate tools infamously known as the marketing “Frankenstack.” Lately consolidates and streamlines people, processes and tools into a single, step-by-step playbook, pulling back the “black curtain” of marketing so anyone – from CMOs to nonprofits to 30 million U.S. small business owners – can understand and execute all their marketing in one place at an affordable price point.


Kate Bradley Chernis


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