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The Light Phone

The Light Phone is your phone away from phone. It's a tool that gives us back the most important things we too easily take for granted, our time and attention.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 8
Quick Pitch:


The Light Phone is your phone away from phone. It’s an object that encourages you to regularly step away from the internet, to enjoy some quality time with yourself or those you love, and maintain a peace of mind knowing that you can still reach and be reached by friends and family. The Light Phone is a seamless extension of your existing phone, keeping your same number and controlled via our desktop app. The experience is a combination of the world's thinnest cell phone built in partnership with Foxconn and our proprietary cloud software. Light makes beautiful objects that respectfully use technology to encourage and empower us. The Light Phone is our first step in making this vision a reality. Light is our movement.


Co Founder

Joe Hollier

Joe started his first company selling skateboards in high school. He studied design at the School of Visual Arts where he graduated as valedictorian. He’s worked with clients like Nike, CNN, and the Smithsonian. He’s been widely recognized for his work by Print Mag and the ADC.

Co Founder / CEO

Kai Tang

Kai has 10 years of experience in product design and human centered research. His designs have been featured in Mayo Clinic Center, Samsung Innovation Center, etc. He is a pioneer within the mobile phone industry, leading the development of such iconic cellphones as the Motorola Razr and Droid 4. He has master’s degree in both Design and Business Administration from Institute of Design, IIT.

VP of Operations and Finance

Eileen Bayers

Eileen served as VP of operations and finance at Working Assets/CREDO Mobile, a direct marketing driven, $140 million, privately-held mobile and long distance phone company. She managed operations and customer care within the mobile phone business. She also served as the senior finance executive at Credo


David Simmons

David brings 35+ years of experience in both hardware and software engineering. From Window’s Phone Power Performance, Air Force Satellite Imagery, hi-performance tools and engines for Apple, the first DVD authoring systems, to Javascript Bench Program Architecture for Microsoft, his expertise is one-of-a-kind.


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