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Lilu, Inc

We are building the next generation of products for modern moms starting with a product to help nursing mothers pump more milk.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


We are Lilu and we are making breast pumping more efficient for moms with a pumping accessory that automatically massages and compresses the breasts of pumping moms. Compression increases milk output by up to 50%, so with Lilu, moms will be able to pump more milk in less time.



Sujay Suresh Kumar

MSE in EE at UPenn Electrical design for projects funded by CERN Founder of Jyothi, nonprofit to secure the safety of women in Hyderabad


Adriana Catalina Vázquez Ortiz

MIPD at UPenn BS MIT Maths with C.S. Software at Morgan Stanley & BMW, UX Design at Farmivore


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