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Mobinable is a rich media landing page platform for ad agencies and networks - to increase consumer engagement once the ad gets clicked.


Founded: 2016


The mobile ad networks and ad agencies building rich media ads currently face the following issues. 1. Huge turnaround time from conception to delivery (High cost , long lead times, high vendor dependency) 2. No single dashboard across Ad networks for ad performance comparison and real time decision making 3. Create engaging experience once the ad gets clicked. Mobinable has build a self-serve technology to cater to the above.



Purusottam Mupunu

Co-founder & CEO

Sujay Maheshwari

Former Morgan Stanley/ Pfizer. At Mobinable, I do product visioning, strategy, code, client handling (etc) I have been an eternal “product guy” for the last 12 years, focusing my time and energies building products to simplify problems. I am obsessed about using technology as a means to change the way people think, act and behave. I have a list of 100 ideas which I dream (with eyes wide open) of fructifying over the course of this lifetime.


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