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The world's first contextualized personal data platform, delivering highly personalized, predictive services, content and offers.


Founded: 2010
Employees: 10
Quick Pitch:


myPlanit connects you with what matters in your world through technology that mirrors the way you experience life. Our platform contextualizes & geo-time indexes data related to the real world. We've launched a consumer mobile app and are creating a premium version for real estate agents. In the future, we'll open access to our contextualized data platform via an SDK/API for B2C companies to deliver highly personalized services, info and offers.


CEO & Founder

Adrienne Meisels

Adrienne Meisels (CEO & Founder) brings broad experience in operations, technology, business development and law. As head of AOL’s innovation team, she was responsible for creating leading-edge, Internet-scale technologies and incubating large digital startups such as AOL’s Blue String and AOL Pointe. She is the inventor on nine location-based services patents. J.D.—Fordham Law School; B.S.Ec—Wharton; B.A.—University of Pennsylvania.


Peter Sispoidis

Peter is a serial entrepreneur. Involved in startups for 22 years, he founded five companies and successfully exited two. His experience encompasses a broad spectrum of technology and business, from video game development to enterprise-class communication systems and digital advertising platforms. He has been awarded a patent in advertising technology.


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