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Phiar is an AR/AI navigation and ADAS platform via windshield projection, using our latest deep learning AI innovations.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


At Phiar, we combine our cutting-edge innovations in deep learning artificial intelligence and augmented reality into a new form of vehicle navigation platform, to enhance driving safety, facilitate more intuitive wayfinding, and connect drivers with their surrounding environments.



Chen-Ping Yu

Postdoc from Harvard in neuro-inspired deep learning PhD in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from Stony Brook U. 12+ years of research in computer vision. 15+ scientific publications in computer vision, machine learning, and cognitive science.

Chief Software Architect

James Briscoe

Founding CTO of Cambridge Select, generating $30M annual revenue. 10+ years of software engineering and tech team management experience.


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