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Power Associates

ISPYER/ ApplyYourself project - removing obstacles to adequate job training and education certifications that would result in liveable wages


Founded: 2011
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


ISPYER, designed to remove obstacles individuals may feel prevent adequate job training and certification, acts as aggregator of relevant affordable training & certification opportunities in the greater NYC area. ApplyYourself, the companion education book application, allows participants to access all related materials via their iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device. Together, they act helping people easily identify a path to liveable wages



Kirsten E. Power

NYC-based owner/ founder/ #passionista entrepreneur - Ivy-league educated socio-economic tech-hack disruptive feminist! I work as recruiter/ founder/ "brander"/ marketing/ product owner & integrated sales professional in various IT/ tech/ startup capacities - (i.e. , social media, meta/ incubation/ education startup). I have recently started to dive into the on-going intellectual property software issue, and find it fascinating.

Business Manager

J. Thomas Babcock

J. T. Babcock, Business Advisor, has nearly 40 years of business experience in Corporate Management, consulting, lobbying and litigation. Clients and business relationships include but are not limited to Liberty Mutual, One World Financial, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, IBM, Ford Corporation, and numerous start up operations in many many diverse areas. Trained and Educated at Fordham University, NYU, MIT, Suffolk University, as well as Syracuse Univ

Angel Consultant

Sterling Raphael

My goal is to continue assembling and directing a team of talented professionals to create interactive solutions for niched business markets. Specialties Social Networking, Association Technology, Event Technology, Not for Profit Technology, Branding, Interactive Communities, Interactive Kiosks, Entertainment Media, Sports Technology. Concepted the name "ISPYER" from I + Spy + Inspire.

Technology Consultant

Robert Visnov

Senior entrepreneurial technologist, CTO-for-rent. Strategic adviser providing C-level business planning, technical and operational consulting services for web startups and larger organizations. Deep experience with virtual and cloud infrastructures, mobile applications, social network interactivity, large data environments, information security, and operational processes. Founder of TimeGen Consulting which designs, develops and builds sca

Kirsten Power


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