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Qualicel launches Mobile School Bus Tracking Platform for the first time! It provides realtime updates, auto alerts to Parents, Drivers and School Admins.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Qualicel Global Inc. was incorporated in New York State in August 2013. Founded by Aravind Akella and Viswanadh Akella, the company has come up with an unique idea of Mobile School Bus Tracking Platform, which allows the stakeholders (parents, bus drivers and school staff) to track buses in real-time and send/receive updates on (i) delays (ii) child not attending school and (iii) alert school staff on parents not present at drop off points.



Aravind Akella

Aravind Akella, Ph.D., is the President and Co-Founder. He has over 35 years of experience in the academic and technology domains in New York. His vast experience brings excellent business strategy and management skills to the company.

Chief Operating Officer

Viswanadh Akella

Viswanadh Akella, B.Tech., is the Chief Operating Office and Co-Founder. He has over 10 year of technology experience in the design, delivery, team building and management. He brings valuable expertize to successfully build advanced technologies.

Business Analyst

Saranya Purighalla

Saranya is a Computer Science graduate. She has experience in business analysis, report genaration, research on the customer issues. With her analytic skills and go-to attitude she makes sure right information is made available to team.


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