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The ONLY SaaS for the Social Sector that works in virtually any country. Affordable, scalable, accessible, and equitable.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 15
Quick Pitch:


Quantibly is a social sector SaaS that can work with over 14 million organizations, providing education, healthcare, food, finance, technology, and other services to over 5 billion people worldwide. Social Sector needs a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable data collection standard that increases efficiency, saves money, and measures impact. Quantibly fills that gap and is currently being used by organizations in 22 countries.


Cyrus Kazi


Asad Zaman

Head, Latin America

Rebeca Oliva

Head, Africa

Lyndsey Chiinze

Head, Global Marketing

Shah Bakhtiar

Head, Europe

David Allen

Manager, Marketing

Md. Zihad Ahmed

Coordinator, Development

Maruf Rahman

Manager, Product Development

Redwan Rahat


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