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Recently: Your Camera Roll in a Monthly Magazine

Recently is a single tap, mobile-only, subscription service that mails you a printed magazine of your camera roll monthly.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Recently is the only mobile-to-magazine app. We are a brand new mobile service, reinventing the mobile-to-print process. Just launched and already profiled on Product Hunt, TNW, TechCrunch, CoolMomTech, NBC News, PetaPixel, Cult of Mac and more. We provide a hands off, single tap, way to transform your camera roll photos into collection-worthy printed monthly magazine. Our workflow and service provide a relief from the complexity, burden and poor quality of the current photo printing community. We're 2 months in, receiving great traction and looking to scale quickly. It's so easy a 4 year old can master it...


Scott Valins


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