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REDIST is making it easy to discover, understand and access real estate incentives.


Founded: 2020
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


REDIST is a technology-enabled platform that looks to solve the problem of the knowledge gap around the $100B of real estate incentives given out annually in the US and radically improve access by (1) aggregating and structuring fragmented data, (2) providing tools to make sense of data, and (3) bringing automation and efficiency to the application process.


Founder & CEO

Atif Qadir

MIT (architecture & urban planning), Columbia (finance), Turner Construction, Extell Development and City of Hoboken, founded development company, licensed architect, licensed real estate agent

Founder & CTO

Jonathan Kuo

Penn (computer science), Wharton (finance), Goldman Sachs and 40 North (hedge fund), founded leasing startup, full-stack engineer, licensed real estate agent


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