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Roomeze specializes in renting apartments room by room through a roommate matchmaking service.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 25
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Roomeze specializes in renting apartments room by room, through a roommate matchmaking service. It’s become too expensive for people to live by themselves. Many are new to the city and have trouble finding their own roommates. While larger apartments are more affordable room by room, people traditionally need to find their own roommates to move in. This bottleneck makes large apartments more difficult for landlords to fill.



Jordan Davidovit

Jordan, a Canada native, hails from a long line of real estate developers. After studying finance at Concordia University, he moved to New York to enter its fast-paced market. What began as a discouraging career in sales quickly became a life-changing venture that galvanized him to break away from the norm, pull himself up by his bootstraps and change the way people think about real estate.


Richie Garland

Richie is credited as the first Roommate Matchmaker he is the mastermind of the process. The thought of filling vacant apartments by renting out individual rooms to compatible roommates was unheard of until Richie proved it could be done. As the top producer at the small real estate firm where he got his start, he became a mentor to Jordan and the guiding light for sales at Roomeze.


Sam Boyer

As the lone American founder, Sam graduated from Bates College with a BA in Politics. Proving the phrase “you are who your friends are”, Sam saw many of his compadres working in tech and proceeded to teach himself coding and web development. In his free time, he sails the high seas (AKA New York Harbor) as a charter yacht captain and never fails to right the ship that is Roomeze.

Lead Developer

David Rozenberg

The most interesting problems I've encountered in my career were solved with software. I value thinking outside the box, not being afraid to take a new approach, and taking the extra time to understand concepts deeply (it pays off in the end). My favorite type of work involves taking a creative idea from a whiteboard to a working product.

Lead Developer

Adam Godel

I love to solve challenging problems and build compelling applications. I care about programming the right way to have lasting and flexible software. I want to work in a fun, friendly and intelligent environment. I want to be friends with my co-workers and be challenged by my work every day. I want to create an empathetic environment for my co-workers and collaborate to make amazing things.


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