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Sassafras Distribution, Inc.

To provide bath and kitchen products that are useful, unique, affordable, and meet unfulfilled needs of the general consumer


Founded: 2011
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Consumers have unappealing options for fitting their bathrooms and kitchens. They can buy cheap looking "do it yourself" accessories, buy or rent power tools to install accessories, such as towel racks, or hire a professional to come to their home and install their desired accessory. Sassafras’ Secure Hold series, as well as future lines, fulfills missing market needs for items that have class, elegance, simplicity, and easy installation.



Michael Suswal

Working since he was 14, Michael has deep experience in many industries, first gaining a management position at age 20. Michael's strengths are in corporate strategy and management with a strong background in business development. He has successfully negotiated over 40 contracts in manufacturing, publishing, gaming, telecommunications, marketing, and many more. He has a history of attaining the highest echelon of every organization he joins.

Strategist (resident mathematician Ph.D.)

Jordan Fisher

Dr. Jordan Fisher owns a successful software company and provides advisory for business and logistical planning at company strategy meetings. Jordan also provides software and technical assistance to Sassafras whenever there is a need. Jordan earned a doctoral degree in mathematics from University of California, Santa Barbara, at age 25.

Director of Operations

Jeffery Hsu

Jeff Hsu is an analytical guru in logistical operations and social media marketing. He speaks 3 languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and graduated from University at age 20. He also runs a mobile application company part-time.

Director of Business Development

Hector Quintanilla

Hector Quintanilla speaks 5 languages and has recently begun his masters at Columbia University. He has been leading sales teams for multiple ventures across various industries. He is now expanding Secure Hold's retail distribution into Mexico and managing US and Canadian sales representatives.


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