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Pay Android phone users cash to allow us to serve contextual ads to the lock screen of their phone. Arbitrage ad revenue vs. what we pay.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


ScreenPay works with advertisers to display ads and deals on a mobile phone’s lock screen (Android). ScreenPay pays users a monthly fee to allow us to serve the ads. The more demographic info a user provides the more money the user will make. The ads are contextually relevant, targeted and useful. The ads do interfere in any way with a user’s ability to use their phone to make/ receive calls, email, text or any other uses for the phone.



Bob Visnov

Over 30 years of experience building database environments and cloud infrastructures, mobile applications information security, and operational processes

President & CEO

Brian Nash

Over 20 years of business development and strategy experience in the media, technology and advertising industries


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