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On a mission to help aspiring authors and poets get discovered. Our members share views, ideas, stories, poetry and get free promotion.


Founded: 2013
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:

Overview is the first content platform focused on helping authors maximise their outreach. It is a hub for writers, poets, thinkers, scientists, activists. Our members post stories, poetry, book excerpts and chapters, essays, op-eds, blog posts etc. and majority of these publications receive external promotion. There is a number of tools and algorithms to increase the visibility of your work on the platform itself too. It is all designed with one central idea in mind - increase the potential audience of each contributing author, while at the same time helping readers home in on what is most relevant to them. Business model is based on freemium approach, we used Soundcloud as a model. At the moment premium services are not enabled as we concentrate on community growth first. Currently we have close to 6000 registered members. Number of monthly unique visitors reached over 38,500 in September. Over 1000 publications were published monthly for the last two months, with October projected to surpass that. Significant increase in growth in the last 6 months, coming with the change of social media strategy (with zero budget). Over 60% of current members joined over that period of time. Main marketing channel - Twitter, we run a number of accounts, with two main accounts followed by over 40,000 and 35,000.


CEO, Founder

Dmitry Selemir

Physics degree from Moscow State University, followed by 2 years of research at Imperial College, London UK. Worked in the hedge fund industry between 2003 and 2013, trading & portfolio management, specialising in structured credit and credit swaptions. Running Scriggler from day one. Driving the development work since March 2013 (managing the remote team). Combining the roles of CEO and CTO.


Sebastien Cottrell


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