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Brainstorming and productivity in augmented reality


Founded: 2018
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


ScrumAR is an augmented reality (AR) brainstorming and work productivity software that will eliminate many inefficiencies for teams in the workplace. Over 50B post-it notes are produced every year and are considered a contaminant by paper mills, can't be recycled, and are harmful to the environment. Also, 400M whiteboard markers are thrown away each year in the US alone. At ScrumAR, we're looking to solve this problem with our technology.


Co-Founder & CEO

Marc Milberg

1st startup, Playy, won Top 3 startups in entrepreneurship class while getting my Masters at NYU, well before & Flipagram each raised over $100M Core Product Manager/Product Team at Popcornflix, an AVOD service for free movies and TV shows. The service was recently valued internally at $100M, based on Crackle receiving a market value of over $200M. I've led an increase in user engagement, revenue, and installs on Popcornflix yOy


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