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Because it's your stuff... ShareRight makes it easy to share, protect, license and monetize digital assets.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


ShareRight makes it easy for users to share, protect and monetize their digital assets. ShareRight was founded to make it easy for people to do more with their digital assets, by giving them greater control over any kind of digital media. By giving creative people greater control over the content they create, we also expect that ShareRight will attract the highest quality content being shared on the web.


Co-founder and CEO

John Mullaly

John Mullaly is a co-founder and CEO of ShareRight. Prior to ShareRight, John worked at IBM for 27 years, always on the edge of emerging technologies and new business ventures, most recently Release 1 of IBM's Cloud Analytics Application Services offering. He was an IBM Master Inventor with over 40 patents, and Senior Advisor in IBM Corporate Development.

Co-founder and CTO

Yasutaka Sato

Yasutaka Sato is a co-founder and CTO of ShareRight. Prior to ShareRight, Yasutaka was co-founder of A-Care Systems which was acquired by Experian and is now Experian Japan.

Co-founder and Advisor

Michio Arita

Michio Arita is a co-founder and Advisor of ShareRight. Prior to ShareRight, Michio was co-founder and CEO of A-Care Systems which was acquired and is now Experian Japan, a subsidiary of Experian.


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