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The exclusive film investment marketplace — connecting investors with a global network of filmmakers and industry professionals.


Founded: 2010
Employees: 6


Launched in 2012, Slated is the next-gen online marketplace for investing in film — an exclusive community platform connecting investors with a global network of filmmakers and industry professionals. Slated provides access to a socially-vetted marketplace of high-quality films and filmmakers and makes it easier to follow a film's progress, by tracking trusted people and their portfolios, and to receive targeted updates.



Duncan Cork

Slated CEO. Created the initial vision for Slated and subsequently founded the company in 2009 with his co-founders. Prior to Slated, Duncan consulted for entertainment organizations in London, the UK and globally. He was Founder and Executive Creative Director of Katharsis, a consultancy specializing in strategy, user experience, and product development, for clients in the entertainment, media and tech industries. Moved to New York in 2010.


Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer oversees development, strategy and oversight of Slated’s film financing platform and operational aspects of the business including finance & accounting, legal, human resources and strategy. Jennifer's worked in film finance and distribution, as the Head of Finance & Strategic Operations at Red Envelope Entertainment (Netflix), VP of Finance at Paramount Vantage, and Manager of Motion Picture Planning at Paramount Pictures.


Stephan Paternot

Stephan is co-founder and Chairman of Slated and PalmStar Entertainment - the film production company specializing in literary adaptations and true stories. Stephan is also the founder and general partner of the Actarus Funds providing seed capital to Internet start-ups. Prior to this he co-founded in 1994. The company set stock market history with a record setting IPO pushing the company valuation to over $1 Billion.


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